By David Walker

When it comes to B2B PR that showcases what your company does best and tells prospective clients why you matter, the trade press can be a huge ally.

Unlike their mainstream press counterparts, trade journalists are often keen to promote sector success stories and are less prone to highlighting negative stories when things don’t go quite so well.

The scale of opportunity for B2B public relations activity is also considerable. No matter how niche your sector, there is likely to be an equally niche publication reporting on its activities, so there’s almost certainly a place for you to shout about your achievements.

It’s not all plain sailing of course. There are unique challenges – for instance, the level of technical insight that some editors demand can be very high, while lead-in times tend to be much longer – but the rewards of successfully navigating these waters can be considerable.

Indeed, good relationships with editors can spawn a run of prominent coverage in trade press publications that play to company strengths, while helping to ensure that interviews are conducted in a spirit of mutually beneficial bonhomie. Your B2B PR agency should be adept at fostering that positive relationship on your behalf, among other things.

Likewise, any media relations agency worth its salt should be able to turn dry technicalities into engaging content with little fuss, in turn making your company a dependable regular contributor.

So what sort of trade press opportunities might lie in wait for your business? The good news is that a wide array is available. Here are seven of the best B2B public relations opportunities …

Thought leadership

Thought leadership or commentary slots are a great way to showcase your knowledge and forward-thinking expertise to industry peers. They’re an excellent way of promoting everything from unique innovations to core values,  and from sustainability credentials to useful insights on how the sector can progress itself. They also raise the profiles of key players within your business. You might even maximise the B2B public relations opportunity by saying something that stands out from the pack, identifying you as a unique thinker.

Case studies

Has your business successfully delivered on a major contract recently? Then ask your PR agency to take that success story to your trade press publication of choice and turn it into an interesting case study with lots of industry-leading insight. Accompany it with some high-quality photography that charts the process and you’re on to a winner.

Glory days

Trade press titles are the ideal place to publicise your awards nominations. Mainstream journalists tend to be less interested in awards – they receive a high volume from a wide range of sectors – so instead target the publication that has the most vested interest in your activities.

In profile

Profiling slots are the ideal way to promote the leading faces in your business, giving what you do personality and approachability, while helping you stand out in crowded marketplaces. If your company has top talent, then such slots are an opportunity to showcase it.

Round tables

Trade press titles love to feature round table discussions that dissect key issues affecting your sector. If a member of your managerial team is comfortable in such scenarios, and is happy to go toe-to-toe with competitors on key debates, then it’s a great chance to be seen as a leading commentator with your finger on the industry pulse.

Movers and shakers

Movers and shakers lists are a regular feature of trade publications, and having your company ranked among them speaks volumes for your influence. Being named in such lists instantly tells others that your activities are worth watching, and such interest can translate to your wider business fortunes.

Annual reviews

At the start and close of the year when sector activity tends to slow, trade titles often fill column inches with ‘year in review’ and ‘what’s in store next year’ features. Once again, it’s a chance to be seen as a leading light in your field and to be rubbing shoulders with the firms that matter, which undoubtedly serves to instil trust among prospective B2B clients.


When looking to get ahead in your industry, trade title appearances can represent a precursor to much greater success. They’re a vital place to trail your growth intentions and define what makes you different – and what’s more, they’re often happy to hear from you through your B2B PR agency.

Approached correctly, relationships with sector journalists can offer a fruitful and enduring two-way street where both parties benefit.

It might well be time to talk to a B2B PR agency and discover just how you can start telling your story.

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